Multinational Academy

AIG Multinational has developed and launched an accredited training series for our clients and broker partners. This Multinational insurance training curriculum is designed to build knowledge of multinational risks and the ever-changing complexities of global insurance programs, drive stronger client servicing, and help identify new opportunities. The series is available at no cost to all interested stakeholders and learners may be eligible to receive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits upon successful completion of the content and related assessment (applicable in specific locations). Please refer to the frequently asked questions, available on the AIG Multinational website, for more details; click here to register for the training.

The first two courses in the curriculum to be released, Multinational Insurance Fundamentals and Controlled Master Program (CMP) Essentials, examine the key operational aspects of global programs, including design challenges, critical requirements and stakeholder collaboration, all supported by case studies to provide real-world context.

These courses are intended to help brokers articulate:

  • What are the options available for insuring risks around the globe?
  •  How do I choose the right multinational insurance partner?
  • Which multinational insurance program structure is best and most compliant for my clients?
  • What are the key considerations when designing and executing a Controlled Master Program (CMP)?
  • What are some of the challenges that can impact successful CMP implementation?
  • How are multinational claims handled, reported and settled?

In a future release, a course on Understanding Complex Multinational Risks will be available as an instructor-led, advanced level course. Please view the training curriculum highlight sheet and watch the promotional video for more information on the specific learning objectives and course format for each section of the learning series. Reach out to your regional AIG Broker Engagement contact for information on the availability of live Webinar options.

The current launch and future releases will be promoted to our broker networks and internal stakeholders through various channels, including social media, advertising and email communications with instructions on how to register. Initial broker communications will be sent in the coming weeks. We also encourage you to highlight the availability of the course to brokers and colleagues, and to gather stakeholder feedback as the curriculum is rolled out.